How to get started


Tools you will need:

You will need to purchase a Practice Chanter, Reeds, and a case to protect your instrument. To purchase these items  click the button below and it will direct you to Hendersons Bagpipe Supplies for purchase. 


*Long Poly McCallum Practice Chanter

*Soft Case

* 3 Practice Chanter Gibson Reeds

Ask for  Steve at Hendersons if you choose to call into the shop!


Online lessons

There are more and more YouTube videos that have teachers instructing on some fundamentals on how to play the Highland Bagpipe, but online lessons can focus on your personal needs.  Everyone learns differently.  Tress has taught since 2006 and can get you to your ultimate goals on the Bagpipes.

For online lessons you will need:

*Computer with a camera

*FaceTime if you own a Mac Product

*Skype program

*A good light source set infant of you.


You are on your way to becoming a Bagpiper!

Not so bad eh? Lessons are fun and you will learn music from the basics of Music Theory, to playing a full Bagpipe.

It is recommended that you take lessons once a week for an Hour to get the best results and avoid learning bad habits. Lessons for an hour are $60, and payable through PayPal.

Ready? Contact Tress by clicking the Button Below

Dark Isle Bagpiper's Lesson #1

Lesson #1 How to Hold the Practice Chanter

Lesson #2

Lesson #2 Finger Scales going up the Chanter

Video #3

Video Lesson #3: Going Down the Scale

Lesson #4

Lesson #4 Learning the Gracenote Scales on G